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How to Create Space for a Mental Health Reset in 2022

Covid has changed our lives. With plenty of alone time, many of us have finally found the time we needed to look within. However, a lot of us are finding things inside ourselves that are unresolved, found parts of ourselves that we have exiled, or parts that are still...

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Mental Health and Men in the LGBTQ+ Community

By: Shelly-Anne Johnson, LCSW According to the CDC, “…compared to other men, gay and bisexual men have higher chances of having; Major depression, Bipolar disorder, and Generalized anxiety disorder… Gay and bisexual men are more likely than other men to have tried to...

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Professional Spotlight: Luca Valentine

Meet Luca Valentine (aka Lucia Caltabiano) (they/them). They have over eight years’ experience in mental health, with five years post masters. They have most of their experience in substance use and eating disorders, and have been working almost exclusively within...

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The Kids Are Not Alright

By: Shelly-Anne Johnson LCSW Our kids are in trouble. While the rates of drug and alcohol use and teen pregnancy are down, the rate of mental health issues have grown exponentially among adolescents in the past few decades. Kids are reporting and are being diagnosed...

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5 Self-Care Tips to Reduce Stress

July is Stress Awareness Month. We are collectively stressed out and spent from the daily stressors we are faced with, at home and abroad. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge all the events that have happened over the past two plus years, and all the events still...

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Finding My Dream Career After Hospitalization

Meet Dina Coughlan, a successful young professional working as an associate producer for a prominent news network. Many look at Dina’s present life and take for granted where she is today. Without knowing the journey, her story cannot be fully appreciated. Upon...

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Stress, Current Events, and the American People

A new report from the American Psychological Association reports a rise in the levels of stress documented by Americans over the last 2 years. The “Stress in America” poll published Thursday found a correlation between Stress and the rising inflation/the war in...

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Suicide Prevention

Most of the clients we see at Ridgeview Institute are struggling with suicidal thoughts and previous suicide attempts. Recent data from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that after rising from 2000 to 2018, the age-adjusted suicide rate in...

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Black History Month: Black Pioneers in Mental Health

In honor of Black History Month, we are highlighting Black Pioneers In Mental Health. Spotlighting Mamie Phipps Clark, Ph.D. and Kenneth Bancroft Clark, Ph.D. “The Clarks are best known for the famous ‘Doll Study’ in which more than 200 Black children participated....

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